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We’ve been doing a lot of soul searching in Strictly Salsa recently and would like to tell you what we are thinking. This will get a bit technical but please bear with us, it’s important to us :).

It’s a question of Style!

When someone in Ireland starts learning Salsa at the moment they typically start learning one of two primary styles; Cross body or Cuban. However, within cross body there are two different disciplines; On1 (or LA Style) and On2 (or NY Style). In the case of Strictly Salsa we have always taught cross body On1, while occasionally offering classes in other styles as an “extra” class or course.

While On1 is very popular we are clearly seeing that as dancer’s progress and attend congresses around the world, they tend to move to On2. This means starting with the basics again trying to adapt to a new style and all it has to offer. So, we asked the question;

Why not just learn to dance On2 from the start???”

We found a number of reasons why not; the primary reason we found was that On1 is an easier beat for beginner to get used to; typically it takes two weeks longer for a beginner to “get” the basics with On2 as against On1. However, our findings are that while it takes a bit longer to get the basics, once you do get them typically On2 dancers would tend to progress much quicker when it comes to learning to dance. we are happy to discuss this with you should you want to know more.

Decision time

For a while now we’ve struggled with the idea that teaching On1 is an easier way to get people introduced to Salsa, while knowing that by teaching On2 we would probably see students improve as dancers at a faster rate and with this in mind we have come to a big decision………

Starting next Thursday, 9th of July, we are officially changing our classes from On1 to On2 for all levels.

While we have some regulars who dance On2, for many of our students On2 is going to be something completely new and we are aware that we run the risk of losing some students but we hope that they will consider taking part in our transition programme which we will be running for the next 6 weeks.

Our Plan

For the 6 week transition period, starting July 9th, we will run 3 classes per week:

  • Improver/Intermediate On2 class from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. – for those who have already done some On2
  • Introduction to On2 6 week Course from 8:30pm to 9:30pm – for current beginners and lower level improvers – for anyone interested in signing up to the full course in advance we are running a special price of €30 for all six weeks!
  • Conversion to On2 6 Week Course from 7:30pm to 9:30pm – for our current Intermediate and higher level Improvers. This is a 6 week course of 2 hour classes which will focus on helping you make the switch to On2 as smoothly as possible – for anyone interested in signing up to the full course in advance we are running a special price of €50 for 12 hours of classes over 6 weeks!

Finally, we know that not everyone will be happy with our decision to make this change; however we really do feel that it is in the best interest of our students and the Irish salsa scene in general. We look forward to your support over the coming weeks while we go through what will be our biggest change yet and have no doubt that in time this will prove to be a move that benefits all.

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